Oliver Laric, ‘Versions (Missile Variations)’, 2010, Whitechapel Gallery

Private Collection, London

Image rights: Image courtesy the artist and Seventeen Gallery, London © Oliver Laric

"Electronic Superhighway (2016 – 1966)"

Venue: Whitechapel Gallery, London (2016)

About Oliver Laric

Oliver Laric’s multimedia work engages with themes of pop culture, mass media, the relationship between past and present, and globalization. He re-imagines classic Greek and Roman sculpture, producing massive polyurethane and 3-D-printed casts. His ongoing video project “Versions” explores historical and contemporary image hierarchies through a series of documented monologues. Laric’s earlier work was primarily video-based and involved the manipulation of existing broadcast media such as YouTube, as in 50 50, a video compilation of karaoke singers covering a song by the hip-hop artist 50 Cent.

Austrian, b. 1981, Innsbruck, Austria, based in Berlin, Germany