Oliver Laric, ‘Yuanmingyuan 3D’, 2014, Tanya Leighton

3D scanning at KODE Art Museums of Bergen, April 2014

This project’s point of departure is seven marble columns originating from The Old Summer Palace Yuanmingyuan outside Beijing, which are currently on display at Kode Art Museums of Bergen. They were originally donated by the collector Johan Munthe (1864–1935), a Norwegian general in the Chinese army and close friend of China’s then president Yuan Shikai. The seven columns are brought back this fall to Beijing, where they will return to their site of origin for the first time since the Anglo-French looting during The Second Opium War in 1860. Laric has 3D scanned these artifacts and made them available as downloadable files on the website yuanmingyuan3d.com, as well 3D printed versions for Art Basel.

About Oliver Laric

Oliver Laric’s multimedia work engages with themes of pop culture, mass media, the relationship between past and present, and globalization. He re-imagines classic Greek and Roman sculpture, producing massive polyurethane and 3-D-printed casts. His ongoing video project “Versions” explores historical and contemporary image hierarchies through a series of documented monologues. Laric’s earlier work was primarily video-based and involved the manipulation of existing broadcast media such as YouTube, as in 50 50, a video compilation of karaoke singers covering a song by the hip-hop artist 50 Cent.

Austrian, b. 1981, Innsbruck, Austria, based in Berlin, Germany