Omar Hassan, ‘Breaking Through #8’, 2015, Rosenbaum Contemporary

About Omar Hassan

Using spray paint as both a material and a sculptural object, Omar Hassan creates new iterations within the ever-expanding genre of street art. Inspired by environments urban and natural, Hassan says he finds inspiration in the work of graffiti pioneers such as Jean-Michel Basquiat and in Jackson Pollock’s masterful abstractions. Both his multilayered works on canvas and those cast in plaster or bronze reflect his trademark attention to materiality. His work takes various forms, from whimsical dappled splotches partially obscuring a classical oil painting to lines of wet paint that snake and drip down picture frames to a street installation of raised cubes covered in rainbow tones. All of his work reflects his desire to encapsulate the mischievous and the playful, a sentiment at the core of the now 40-year-old tradition of street art.

Italian, b. 1987, Milan, Italy, based in Milan, Italy

Group Shows

Bal Harbour,
Breaking Through--Miami

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Contini Art UK at Scope Miami Beach 2017
Contini Art UK at International Art Fair Warsaw 2015