Omid Delafrouz, ‘Den blomstertid nu kommer’, 2016, Andréhn-Schiptjenko

About Omid Delafrouz

In Omid Delafrouz’s highly detailed drawings and digital prints, the artist both pays homage to and questions the legacy of Pop art. “If one … sees classic Pop art as a big party where artists and galleries were busy celebrating their commercial triumphs, I see my own work as the morning after the party when Pop art wakes up in confusion and hungover,” he says. Delafrouz’s cluttered scenes of contemporary life bear a distinctly animated quality, reflecting influences such as Roy Lichtenstein and Julian Opie. The artist situates his figures in fastidiously rendered environments that evoke the youthful milieu he inhabits in Gothenburg, Sweden. The world he depicts is not romanticized but is instead filled with the commonplace, with bedrooms and subway trains, futons and bathtubs repeatedly appearing.

Swedish, b. 1982, Tehran, Iran, based in Gothenburg, Sweden

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