On Kawara, ‘PSAP #04: "Unanswered Questions"’, 2011,  ECC Collection

This book is the documentation of Personal Structures Art Projects #04. It has been published as a limited edition. The edition comprises 250 copies of which 50 DeLuxe, numbered from 1 to 50, and 50 DeLuxe hors commerce, numbered from I to L. The 150 Standard copies are numbered from 51 to 200. Each item of this limited edition consists of a book and a CD in a case, housed together in a cassette. The DeLuxe edition additionally contains a postcard with a question for On Kawara, returned to sender.

Series: Personal Structures Art Projects are projects which are documented as special edition artists’ books. Each project centralizes one artist and emphasises his work. All books in this series will be published by GlobalArtAffairs Foundation, the Netherlands. An exerpt of each project will aditionally be published in the ongoing series Personal Structures: Time • Space • Existence.

Publisher: Global Art Affairs Foundation and coöperation with the European Cultural Centre

About On Kawara

On Kawara has based the entirety of his collection of books, paintings, and drawings on the arbitrariness and subjectivity of the way we measure time. Many of his projects are ongoing, making Kawara himself, as the recorder of time, one of the primary materials in his conceptual works. Kawara is perhaps best known for the “date paintings” in his Today series (1966-), each of which conforms to one of eight predetermined sizes and features a date in hand-lettered typography painted over a monochromatic background. The artist completed the canvases while living or staying in over 100 cities around the world. Each date painting is displayed with a handcrafted cardboard box and a clipping from a newspaper published in the same city and on the same day that the artist made the work. Kawara continues to create new works in the series.

Japanese, 1933-2014, Kariya, Japan