Oriol Texidor, ‘Immersió 100’, 2016, PontArte

Before words there was the silence.
The series of works 'immersions' tries to submerge in the universal integrity and invites to the quest for spiritual dimension of the human being.Symbolically, immersion means regression to pre-form, the reintegration to the undifferentiated mode of pre-existence.
All 'immersions' follow the same pattern: a human silhouette is cut in the center of the composition, static, hieratic, but instead of imposing itself ahead it does from the bottom of the scene and lets the paint surrounds it. The artist doesn't draw the human figure, just preserves it, thus manifesting itself through his absence and appears integrated into the original matter of the support of the work -we can say that it was already there before. Independent from what is happening around it, stops and contemplates.

Series: Immersió / Immersion

Signature: Yes, at the front and at the back of the work

Image rights: Oriol Texidor / PontArte

Publisher: Tinta Invisible, Barcelona

2017 “Immersions” Centro Cultural Terrassa, Barcelona
2017 Kölner Liste, Köln, with PontArte
2016 “Immersió 180” Iglesia de Santa Eugènia de Relat, Barcelona, Spain
2016 IX Bienal de Arte de Riudebitlles. works on paper. Museo Molí Paperer de Capellades, Barcelona
2016 “immersió 132” Arts Libris, Fira Internacional de la Edición Contemporánea, Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona, Spain
2016 “immersió 100” Tinta Invisible edicions, tiraje de grabado de 40 ejemplares y exposición, Barcelona, Spain

‘Espirituals sense religió’ (Fragmenta, 2015)
‘La experiencia contemplativa’ (Kairós, 2017)

PontArte Maastricht

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Spanish, b. 1974, Barcelona, Spain, based in Barcelona, Spain

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