Orit Hofshi, ‘Allude’, 2016, Cade Tompkins Projects

About Orit Hofshi

Inspired by the work of Albrecht Dürer and Käthe Kollwitz, Orit Hofshi explores the confluence of landscape, human history, and medium in his prints, woodcuts, and works on paper. Based in Herzliya, Israel, the master printer has, since the 1990s, depicted arid landscapes—often inspired by Israel—to capture the impact of humans on the environment. Her different prints relate to one another, creating a sense of narrative through the repetition of forms, figures, and landscapes. The artist’s woodcuts, which require meticulous hand engraving and the use of matrices, have a graphic, haunting quality, and their large-scale immerses viewers in both the overall composition and the individual details.

Israeli, b. 1959