Oscar Seco, ‘"Caballero Español"’, 2006, Blanca Soto Arte

The Spanish Civil War project focuses on the war and its iconography, seen from a personal, iconoclastic, ironic and playful vision, at the same documented and tied at specific historical moments of our recent history.
A war where posters of Josep Renau, Carlos Saez de Tejada or Josep Bardasano are mixed in an alternative Spain, a place where living fascists and republicans with manga icons, japanese monsters, superheroes and war iconography culled from old photos of the war.
This series is accompanied by a video entitled “No news of interest” can be found in the video section of this website and a collection of large format dioramas with the same title.

Blanca Soto Arte

About Oscar Seco

Spanish, b. 1964, Madrid, Spain, based in Madrid, Spain

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