Oscar Seco, ‘Dibujo 13’, 2017, Blanca Soto Arte

The drawings, made as if they were old engravings, combine Dutch landscapes from the XVIII century, animals extracted from bestiaries of the XVII century and fantastic beings from "The book of imaginary beings" by Jorge Luis Borges. Bestiaries are compendiums of beasts that became very popular during the Middle Ages in the form of illustrated volumes describing animals, plants and organic elements.
Oscar Seco gets his inspiration from several naturalists as the Jesuit priest Athanasius Kircher (1602-1680) and the Swiss naturalist Konrad Gessner with his book "Curious Woodcuts of Fanciful and Real Beasts", their sketches remind us of the famous Dürer’s Rhinoceros, clear example of the imaginary they had at the time about exotic animal species. In reference to "The book of the imaginary beings", Borges makes a compilation of strange beings that arise from the human invention in different mythologies, cultures and times.

Blanca Soto Arte

About Oscar Seco

Spanish, b. 1964, Madrid, Spain, based in Madrid, Spain

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