Oscar Seco, ‘"Maqueta Frontier"’, 2004, Blanca Soto Arte

Maquetas bélicas is an Oscar Seco dioramas serie, that begins to make from 2001 to the present. The artist begins to use toy soldiers, either drawn in detail or recruited directly from the childhood games of a few decades back, introduced into what he calls models, but which in fact are small-scale sculptures with model-making material and diverse toys: tanks, trenches, all types of characters, animals, pint-sized flora, etc. These tiny battlefields become hilarious scenes when the missile launched by the SS soldier ends up flying up the major’s backside or when the toy soldiers have sexual relations with the most diverse fauna: these are scenes that would delight children with the most scatological leanings imaginable (usually the mayority of them). War and its armies seen through the prism of satire, lampoonery and outrageousness, as the only way of tackling the atrocious cruelty that ensues therefrom. Laughter always as an antidote to pain.

Blanca Soto Arte

About Oscar Seco

Spanish, b. 1964, Madrid, Spain, based in Madrid, Spain

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