Oscar Seco, ‘Sobredimensionados’, 2017, Blanca Soto Arte

Óscar Seco (Madrid, 1964) will present in Apertura 2017 a selection of works, drawings, models and oil paintings based on "The book of imaginary beings" by Jorge Luis Borges and in the book "Curious Woodcuts of Fantasies and True Beasts" by Konrad Gesner. His ways of expression involve the assembly of elements, he recreates frontier worlds between the possible and the impossible and warlike scenarios where the documentary reality and the cinema and comic fiction compete. In his work we can find fiction characters as Godzilla, Superman, Little Nemo and other superheros, robots or aliens which introduce us in the great battle of the imagination against boredom.

Blanca Soto Arte

About Oscar Seco

Spanish, b. 1964, Madrid, Spain, based in Madrid, Spain

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