Oscar Tuazon, ‘WALK THROUGH WALLS (I Don't Wanna Be Known)’, 2017, Galerie Eva Presenhuber

About Oscar Tuazon

In speaking about his architectonic sculptures and installations, Oscar Tuazon says, “I hope that the effect of my work is mostly physical. That’s what I like—walking through something, having an experience of the weight of things, or an experience of balance.” Tuazon, who studied architecture and urban studies and has assisted Vito Acconci in his architectural endeavors, is inspired by what he calls “outlaw architecture” and the way in which inhabitation redefines the form of an environment. His works are pared-down structures made from natural and industrial materials; this frequently includes wood, concrete, metals, and light fixtures, configured in such a way that works both with and against their entropic qualities.

American, b. 1975, Seattle, Washington, based in Paris and Los Angeles