Oskar Dawicki, ‘Desecrator's gymnastics [4]’, 2013, Raster

Dawicki refers to one of the most significant figures of modern art in Poland – the figures of the vic­tims in Andrzej Wróblewski’s Rozstrzelania (Executions).

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About Oskar Dawicki

Oskar Dawicki's performance-based practice seeks to dismantle the seriousness of contemporary conceptual art. His works, which he has called "funny and painful," explore the arbitrary nature of art criticism, but also how this criticism plunges the artist into existential crises about one's self. His performances, videos, objects, and installations engage with themes of human morality, ancient philosophy, and self-reflection, yet have been described as "non-productive." Known for wearing a signature blue sequined jacket, Dawicki emphasizes the importance of subjectively interpreting art, having said, "the idea of controlling meaning is rather boring."

Polish, b. 1971, Warsaw, Poland, based in Warsaw, Poland

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