Osmeivy Ortega Pacheco, ‘Paisaje [Landscape]’, 2011, Childs Gallery

About Osmeivy Ortega Pacheco

Cuban artist Osmeivy Ortega Pacheco creates elaborate prints—detailed black-and-white linocuts that call to mind the woodcuts of Albrecht Dürer and Michelangelo’s anatomical drawings—not on paper, but on the cotton fabric used throughout Cuba to mop floors. In the gallery, his delicate work is often shown pinned to the wall using straight pins and string, situating it somewhere between print, sculpture, and installation. It can be tempting to read a political message in his images of animals variously captured by human beings, like a giraffe with a tire around its neck, or turkeys trapped behind a fence. But Pacheco conceives of his work on a more personal level, as a blend of images of Cuba and his travels, as well as images of places that he imagines before he has a chance to experience them directly.

Cuban, b. 1980