Osvaldo Romberg, ‘Analysis of La Gioconda’, 1976, Henrique Faria Fine Art

About Osvaldo Romberg

Osvaldo Romberg is a conceptual artist whose body of work is devoted to the critical analysis, interpretation, and representation of art history. Dissection and categorization are at the core of his practice; in his “Color Classification” works from the 1970s, for example, Romberg would break down the constituent colors used in iconic Old Master paintings, and present them as an ordered series in the absence of their original context. He has also made a number of works on paper, each of which compiled examples of a range of brush marks made using different parts of his body. In the 1980s, he created a number works about architecture and landscapes, frequently involving scaled models or representational imagery. His work also references literature and Modernist theory.

Argentinian, b. 1938, Buenos Aires, Argentina, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania