Osvaldo Salas & Roberto Salas, ‘Celia, 1968’, 1968, Rebekah Jacob Gallery

A 99-pound doctor's daughter named Celia Sanchez was the greatest guerrilla fighter in the revolutionary war that overthrew the U. S. - backed dictator Fulgencio Batista on January 1, 1959. Modest and shy, it was fine with her but unfair to history that Cuba's revolutionary enemies, who fled to the U. S. and then dictated most of what has been reported about that epochal event, dismiss her incomparable significance because, to be truthful, it is a bit easier to conveniently vilify macho men such as Fidel Castro and Che Guevara than it is to denounce a tiny female who, except when it came to Batistianos and Mafiosos, was an angelic, peace-loving, child-nurturing citizen of eastern Cuba. The rebels nicknamed her La Paloma [The Dove]. After the triumph of the revolution, the brilliant and always studious Celia Sanchez (studying above) made all the major decisions in Revolutionary Cuba, enabling Fidel Castro to often just kick off his slippers and relax in his rocking chair. His primary role was to fully support any decision she rendered, a role he performed resolutely for many years against impeccable, almost impossible, odds. Highly respected Cuban insiders, such as Roberto Salas, well know that Celia Sanchez was the most important figure in the Cuban Revolution and in Revolutionary Cuba. Salas is a world-famed photographer who has known Fidel Castro intimately from 1955 till today and also knew Celia Sanchez intimately. With nothing at all to gain from convenient lies, Salas wrote in his book "The Pictorial History of the Cuban Revolution: "Celia Sanchez made all the decisions for Cuba, the big ones and the small ones. When she died of cancer in 1980, we all knew no one could ever replace her." [Such pertinent, insightful quotations are generally conveniently ignored in the U. S.]

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Cuban, Osvaldo - 1914, Roberto - 1940 - Osvaldo - 1992, Osvaldo - Havana, Cuba; Roberto - New York, NY, based in Havana, Cuba

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