Osvaldo Salas & Roberto Salas, ‘Che Guevera Smoking Cigar’, ca. 1964, Rebekah Jacob Gallery

Vintage; No-negative date 1964; Print date 1976; Good condition; Not a clear print; Faded; Notes: A gift for Salas’ friend/artist Juan David; Cuban export papers note legal release of
photo from country

Signature: Foto / Osvaldo Salas / 1976; Inscription: could have been printed earlier, signed and inscribed 1976); Inscribed: “Por la admiración de un gran obra y su personalidad (uniea?) De un viejo amigo, El Viego / Salas Oct 76” / “with admiration for a great body of work and a personality (?) From an old friend, the Old / Salas, 76

Collection of Osvaldo Salas; Private Collection of Juan David (1976/Havana);
Private Collection (Havana); Private Collection New York, New York (USA)

About Osvaldo Salas & Roberto Salas

Cuban, Osvaldo - 1914, Roberto - 1940 - Osvaldo - 1992, Osvaldo - Havana, Cuba; Roberto - New York, NY, based in Havana, Cuba

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