Otis Jones, ‘Blue with Ivory Oval’, 2015, William Campbell Contemporary Art, Inc.

About Otis Jones

Claiming, “I knew I wanted to be an artist—when I didn’t want to be a cowboy,” Otis Jones has been pursuing the craft and the formal qualities of painting throughout his long career. Though, at first, his spare, muted, abstract mixed-media paintings and works on paper appear Minimalist, they are full of the marks of the artist’s hand, exercises in the art of imperfection. As he explains: “I’m interested in objects, patina, wear, and age. […] Each piece takes on its own geology. I don’t hide anything—you see staples. It’s a very real object.” Within a pared-down visual vocabulary of circles, squares, rectangles, and lines, Jones explores the nuances of color, scale, and composition. By alternately building up and sanding down layers of pigment, he makes works that reveal the history of their own creation.

American, b. 1946

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