Otto Zitko, ‘O.T.’, 2010, Krobath

About Otto Zitko

Otto Zitko’s drawings take on grandiose proportions, leaving the page behind for architecture. Zitko is known for his freewheeling oilstick drawings that cover entire exhibition spaces, though he works on smaller, contained surfaces as well. Zitko’s work pushes the formal limits of line and examines the possibilities of drawing; his monumental scale endows drawings with phenomenological possibilities, placing them on the scale of architecture. His scrawled markings combine the intensity and energy of Jackson Pollock and the Viennese Actionists of his homeland with the gestural scribblings of Cy Twombly. “Zitko's scribbles change density, direction and rhythm in ways that suggest concentration and skill, and that give each effort a different spirit and energy,” Roberta Smith once wrote. “These works may be only a footnote in the long history of all-over abstract painting, but they offer a blithe counterpoint to the literal and intellectual ponderousness of much large-scale art.”

Austrian, b. 1959, Linz, Austria, based in Vienna, Austria