Overlap, ‘Trees & Keys - Mix 1.4, 20176 : Print’, 2016, Jessica Carlisle

Trees & Keys - Mix 1.4, 11'30" HD video file and prints.

To create this mix of Trees & Keys, Overlap took short sequences of photos in East Sussex, Bordeaux, San Diego and Riverside Counties, California: one frame every ten paces, or one every 30 degrees in a 360 pan. These 'stills' were animated and time stretched to create single component movie sequences, which when overlayed and keyed using video mixing software, generated illusions of movement, magical complexity, discrepancies, blur, multiple focal planes and voids.
The title Trees & Keys refers to both the moods of trees in relation to musical keys and the act of keying images through each other - a practice that goes back, via analogue vision mixers (TV), to the process of reworking etchings - for example Rembrandt’s adding imagery to Hercules Seghers plates years after his death.

Signature: Signed by artists.

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