Owen Kydd, ‘Heavy Water’, 2015, Casemore Kirkeby

Owen Kydd: Time Image, Casemore Kirkeby, 2016

About Owen Kydd

Drawing on a joint degree in film and studio art, Owen Kydd makes films that he considers “durational photographs.” His works are loops of long, uninterrupted shots of scenes in which there is little movement—what Kydd calls the investigation of a moment. He works around themes of change and resistance found frequently in urban and quotidian life; he made a series of work based on marginalized city neighborhoods in the United States’ West Coast, by filming such subjects as storefronts, streets, and local inhabitants. Even though the films were made as individual works, he often presents them simultaneously on multi-channel screens in exhibitions. Kydd once worked as one of Jeff Wall’s studio assistants, and his former mentor remains influential in his practice.

Canadian, b. 1975

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