Owen Schuh, ‘Accumulating More (Circle Packing)’, 2014, SILAS VON MORISSE gallery

These pieces are a more systematic approach to circle packing. Rather than putting together one big cluster of circles, I'm working out all of the possible way of combining two circles of a given size, adding one at a time and placing each new one as close to the center as possible. The result is a map of how to construct different circle configurations using the above procedure. Some configurations can be arrived at by different paths while others are unique.

(American, b. 1982, Stevens Point, Wisconsin) lives and works in Philadelphia, PA.
Owen Schuh draws his inspiration from mathematical rules, algorithms and complex organic systems. In particular, he is fascinated by simple sets of well-defined rules that generate unexpectedly intricate and nuanced structures. His work is painstakingly created by hand, using at most the aid of a pocket calculator.

Art & Mathematics
The Ancient Greek mathematician, philosopher, and mystic Pythagoras and his followers held that the universe was rational and ruled by mathematical relations. Yet, at the core of this ideal world lay geometric relations that they were not even capable of expressing in their number system. It was almost unthinkable that the patterns they perceived around them in nature could be described by mathematics and yet contain numbers that can only be approximated. Numbers like Pi, the golden ratio, and even something as harmless as the diagonal of a square with sides equal to one, represented profound mysteries which they swore on their lives to keep secret.

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