Pablo Bronstein, ‘Two Neo-Gothik wall treatments’, 2015, Herald St

About Pablo Bronstein

“I sometimes see myself as a sort of architectural provocateur,” says Pablo Bronstein, referring to his explorations of the history, influence, and aesthetics of architecture. With an eye for beauty and the absurd, he mashes up different architectural structures and styles into imaginative and often impossible new forms, which he presents in drawings, sculptures, installations, performances, and publications. Bronstein concentrates on drawings in particular, working in various combinations of ink, pencil, gouache, and watercolor to create detailed, delicate, and confounding compositions. His cross section of a building composed of nested structures highlights the evolution and history of architectural styles. Bronstein brings a sense of humor to all of his projects. “My work is pretty much always characterized by being visibly ridiculous in one way or another,” he has said.

Argentinian, b. 1977, Buenos Aires, Argentina