Pablo Zuleta Zahr, ‘Blackspace’, 2015, Richard Levy Gallery

My recent series of work “Blackspace” deals in a very simple and literal way with the semantics of the word photography, which in Greek means “drawing with light.” - Pablo Zuleta Zahr

Created with intuition, these photograms are the result of various mixtures of colored photographic filters. Zahr begins by making a paper template that he places over three layers of primary color (magenta, cyan, and yellow) filters. He cuts out geometric shapes with two of the filters and leaves one intact. The uncut filter is placed over a scanner, and the original template is rebuilt with the other two. When all of the filters are present they combine and make fields of black. When they are moved slightly and scanned, the filters mix and create seams of light and color. These “scannograms” are then printed on DuraTrans paper and mounted in light boxes.

Pablo Zuleta Zahr (b. 1978) works with concepts of time and memory in his photographic projects. With this current series he explores the literal translation of the word photography and how it’s meaning has changed since photography’s inception. Zuleta Zahr studied under Thomas Ruff at the Dusseldorf School. He has exhibited work in Spain, Germany, Chile, Italy, France, and the United States. . Zuleta Zahr was born in Viña del Mar, Chile, and now lives and works in Berlin.

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