Pamela Rosenkranz, ‘Because they try to bore holes in my greatest and most beautiful work’, 2012, Phillips

I started to work with Yves Klein as a model for the mythologization of the artist’s subjectivity, to examine that figure - which so closely resembles the features of the contemporary individualist. -Pamela Rosenkranz

  • Courtesy of Phillips

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Karma International, Zurich
Private Collection, New York

About Pamela Rosenkranz

While omitting figuration, Pamela Rosenkranz’s installations, sculptures, videos, and works-on- paper reveal a careful attention to the human body and its surroundings. Since 2009, the Swiss artist has been creating a series of body paintings on paper or emergency foil blankets that allude to Yves Kleins’ “Anthropometry” paintings. In other works, Rosenkranz has scattered Fiji water and Gatorade bottles filled with paint or colored fluid throughout the gallery space. The absence of the body in Rosenkranz’s work elicits a paradox at the core of her practice, one in which she attempts to escape the centrality of the human while also recognizing it as the source of corporeal and intellectual perception.

Swiss, b. 1979