Panos Tsagaris, ‘Clothed with the Sun’, 2013, Galerie Kornfeld

About Panos Tsagaris

Fascinated with the Occult, spiritualism, mystical scientific principles, and states of consciousness, Panos Tsagaris makes art influenced by both current events and the relationship between the sacred and the profane. Through his work, he attempts to reveal symbols of the divine in the everyday and apply sacred themes to the modern world. Working with gold leafing as a symbol of divine emanation, purity, and luxury, Tsagaris recently covered front-page articles from the New York Times with gold foil. Leaving only the paper’s header and above-the-fold image (which documented riots in the wake of the Greek austerity crisis) visible, he sought to shift the focus away from the economics of the crisis and highlight its immediate impact on humans and communities.

Greek, b. 1979, Athens, Greece, based in New York