Paola Pivi, ‘If you like it, thank you. If you don't like it, I am sorry. Enjoy anyway’, 2007, Perrotin

It's a lattice structure more than 5 meters high made of aluminum and fiber glass and studded with brightly colored, plexiglass rhinestones. The title says it all: this work can be enjoyed at face value -- you don't need to read up on what it means. It has immediacy and pizzazz.

Paola Pivi produit pour La Criée Centre d’Art Contemporain une surprenante installation constituée d’une vaste structure en acier qui se déploie du sol au plafond de la grande salle d’exposition. L’ensemble compose une structure en grille entièrement recouverte de perles multicolores ayant l’aspect de pierres précieuses. Cette structure en grille est ponctuée de modules abstraits en suspension qui peuvent faire référence à des gouttes d’eau ou à des larmes. Pénétrant dans l’espace d’exposition, le visiteur se trouve face à cette œuvre monumentale qui oscille entre surface plane d’un tableau et volume d’une sculpture.

Image rights: Photograph: Attilio Maranzano Courtesy Galerie Perrotin

About Paola Pivi

Best known for her series of whimsical, feather-covered bears, Paola Pivi seeks to reveal the power of imagination and freedom through her photographs and sculptures. Animals, often in bizarre or surreal settings, frequently figure into her work due to their associations with the human condition. She believes that every person holds a memory of a time when humans were closely connected with animals; as such, her viewers are represented within the animals. Pivi prefers not to read too much into her art, saying, “It is the art that is the interesting thing, and to elaborate on it just doesn’t serve any purpose for me.” Instead, Pivi simply creates extraordinary, improbable environments that resonate with the audience.

Italian, b. 1971, Milan, Italy, based in Anchorage, Alaska