Paolo Polloniato, ‘Capriccio contemporaneo’, 2016, MADEINBRITALY

Paolo Polloniato (Nove, 1979) comes from a historic family of master craftsmen which for the last two centuries has represented the excellence in the production of ceramics in Nove, an Italian town of ceramic tradition since the 17th century. Polloniato artistic practice ranges through the use of different materials, chosen according to the project and its purpose, however over the last few years his core research in contemporary ceramics has been developing through a review of the pictorial decoration and manipulation of old moulds of historical manufacturers. He is considered one of the pioneers of re-use and manipulation of moulds and ancient techniques related to ceramics in a contemporary way. After living for several years between Paris and Brussels, he is now back to his native town in Italy. Paolo Polloniato’s work has been published in several international magazines of contemporary ceramic, art and design and very recently featured in an editorial on the Italian edition of Architectural Digest.

About Paolo Polloniato