Paolo Topy, ‘Goodbye’, 2018, Area35 Art Gallery

With humor and tremendous insight, Paolo Topy says Goodbye to that body in an eponymous series produced in a shelter for migrants. These articles of clothing, hanging on coat hooks or draped over fans to dry, express the fragility and precariousness of the lives of these human beings that so many people wish would leave, would just disappear. The body is also that of the other, with whom we often have contradictory, conflictual and complicated relationships. That relationship necessarily passes through our own body, which, in and of itself – like the same, the self – is a permanent source of questioning, exploration and even ignorance. How can we apprehend the other, recognize them in their existence when we ignore everything, or nearly, about oneself?

About Paolo Topy

italian, french, b. 1966, Tripoli, Libya, based in Nice, France

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