Parvis Djamtorki, ‘Untitled No3 1402’, 2014, Oeno Gallery

Parvis Djamtorki studied at the Academy Lerchenfeld in Hamburg, Germany under Hans Thiemann, a former student of Kandinsky and Paul Klee at the Bauhaus. His studies included academic figure drawing, landscapes and abstracts as well as sculpture in wood, stone and mold making which led him to be interested in combining painting and three-dimensional form. He steps out of the traditional format of rectangular and square by the use of different shapes and forms and creates with strong light and shadow textures the illusion three-dimensional image. But of course, the surface of the work is actually flat.

“My primary focus is to explore the functions of the three dimensional form and the effectiveness in communicating an illusionary effect on the observer. By breaking free from the traditional rectangular format, and by combining form and color, I am able to achieve illusionary three dimensional effects.” Parvis Djamtorki