Figure Babel 6

About Patricia Perez Estaquio

Patricia Perez Eustaquio explores questions of absence and erasure in her sculptures, installations, drawings, and paintings. In the latter, Eustaquio depicts isolated fragments of Old Masters paintings, highlighting particular elements—such as a dead bird or a cut of meat—to create an altered sense of the source material, while in her drawings she combines these elements of still lifes with geometric forms like triangles, circles, and squares. Eustaquio builds her visual vocabulary from a tradition of craft and decorative art, bridging high and low with her sensitive use of materials. In her “Ghost Form” sculptures, she drapes fabrics over three-dimensional mannequins and busts constructed out of a mesh-like resin and lace. The luxurious textile shrouds create a sense of presence that contrasts the empty form that supports it.

Filipino, b. 1977

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Patricia Eustaquio: Figure Babel, Mind Set Art Center

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