Patrick Carrara, ‘Appearance’, 2010-2017, ODETTA

Born in Nice, France Patrick Carrara began his studies in visual arts in Paris. Upon completing his studies at the Fine and Graphic Arts school, he crossed the vast breadth of the Sahara. Then his journeying took him to the other side of the Atlantic, where he traveled north through Central America to Mexico and the United States. He traveled light, but never without his leather briefcase in which he carried paper, colored pencils, and pen. They were, the tools of his trade, the instruments of his art, and rare was the time that he was not putting them to creative use.
When he returned to Paris, he established himself fully as a painter and illustrator. But he soon realized that the center of the art world was the city of New York.
He moved to Brooklyn, NY where he currently resides.
Traveling is one of the best ways to nourish our soul. Moving to New York helped him to find a balance between geometry and minimalism in his work.
In his current series Appearance, begun seven years ago, Patrick Carrara uses black ink on Mylar, layering thousands of lines freehand, spreading the ink by lightly touching the Mylar’s surface line after line. In Carrara’s mind this process replicates the density of information we take in every day.
By changing a single detail (or very few) in a highly complex pattern, Carrara leaves us open to discover that these small variations modify and alter each individual work and our perception of them.

Series: Appearance

Signature: verso

Image rights: copyright 2010-2017 Patrick Carrara, all rights reserved

ODETTA, Appearance, Fall 2017
Muriel Guepin, 2015

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