Patrick Lajoie, ‘Drifting Off’, 2015, Lustre Contemporary

Patrick Lajoie's image transfer works are infused with a warmth in both hue and texture, created by the golden cast of the wood as well as the delicate wood grain apparent beneath paler areas of pigment. With these works he seeks to explore themes of colour and light as well as the emotions sparked by nostalgia and remembrance. The artist’s image transfer process begins with an archival pigment print of his original image, which he then transfers by hand onto a wood artist panel. The transfer process causes the pigments (or image) to release from the print and adhere to the wood surface. Although he has refined his specific technique to garner excellent transfer results, the process still retains a certain level of unpredictableness, normally resulting in small imperfections in the image and/or around its outer edges. These are intrinsic to all image transfers and give each work its uniqueness and organic, hand made quality. Finished works are sealed with a hand brushed and buffed artist’s wax, resulting in a soft burnished finish.
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