Paul Battams, ‘Coolongolook Creek’, 2013, Wentworth Galleries

About Paul Battams

Paul Battams transforms the idyllic waterfronts by his homes in Sydney and the French countryside into paintings, applying abstract principles of light, movement, and color to traditional plein air landscape painting. He uses swathes of vivid color, drips, geometric shapes, and strong gestural brushstrokes to create semi-representational images of moving water, trees, and the movement of light. “What’s fundamental to my work is the ‘act of painting’,” he says. “It’s the elevated experience during painting, that deepens my sense of self... I seek to encourage visual openings, I try to extract the essential, to reveal the simple, to move towards the truth as I see it.” Rather than trying to capture the waterfront itself, he likens his work to a record of his meditative experiences when confronted by the play of light and the natural world.

Australian-British, b. 1953, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom, based in Sydney, Australia

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