Paul Binnie, ‘Behind the Hannya Mask’, Blocks cut 1997-printed 2005, Scholten Japanese Art

jigsaw woodblock print with hand-colored tattoo and gold mica background, signed at lower right in kanji, Bin-ni, with artist's round red seal BINNIE, numbered in pencil on bottom margin at lower left, 2/20, titled at center, Ura Hannya, and pencil signed Paul Binnie, the blocks cut 1997, printed 2005

Although blocks for this 'jigsaw' woodblock print were cut in 1997 (around the same time as the Sleeping Boy- Osamu and Sleeping Boy- Naoyuki jigsaw prints), he only got as far as printing test proofs while still living in Japan. In 2005, in his larger studio in London, Binnie produced a small edition of only twenty impressions, each with a full gold mica background and hand-applied color in the area of the tattoo, and available either with a separate woodblock printed fundoshi applique, or without.

The model for this print is the actor Kawasetsu Yu, the subject of an oil portrait completed by Binnie in 2002.

Series: Paul Binnie: A Dialogue with the Past - The First 100 Japanese Prints, 2007, p. 122, no. 85

Image rights: Scholten Japanese Art

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