Paul Binnie, ‘Bright Sunlight’, ca. 1998, Scholten Japanese Art

oil on stretched canvas, signed on lower left BINNIE with artist's red stylized date 1998 within a rectangular cartouche, annotated in the artist's hand on verso PAUL BINNIE 1998 LONDON, ca. 1998

This painting was completed 1998, the last year Binnie lived in Japan. Although the male model confronts the viewer with an engaging 'side-eye' stare, his unflinching gaze belies the determination required to hold this grueling pose. As Binnie always works with live models, this particular composition was unusually challenging for his subject. Holding this position was exceedingly difficult, and as such, Binnie needed to work very quickly, particularly on the lower half in the area of his knees and below in order to capture those subtle nuances of the dramatically shadowed flesh tones. It is perhaps not surprising that the model only worked with Binnie this one time.

Image rights: Scholten Japanese Art

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