Paul Binnie, ‘Lingering Dreams ’, 2009, Scholten Japanese Art

signed in kanji, Bin-ni, followed by artist's red seal Binnie, the title, Yume no ato, at upper left margin, embossed Binnie at center of bottom margin, numbered and signed in pencil, 21/200, Paul Binnie, ca. January 2009

This print, and a related print, Ho-o (Phoenix), are both derived from a much sought-after design commissioned in 2006, Ho-o no Yume (Phoenix Dream). Both new releases employ many of the original blocks, but Binnie in effect has split the original composition into two distinct subjects, the ho-o tattoo, and the dream. This print uses the same striped kimono as the original composition, but now in shades of pink, while the background is delicately shaded as to suggest a small high window casting light.

Image rights: Scholten Japanese Art

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