Paul Caponigro, ‘Sunflower, two trailing leaves’, 1965, Vision Neil Folberg Gallery

Signature: Signed on Matte

About Paul Caponigro

In landscapes and still lifes, Paul Caponigro captures the mundane and the exotic. “I often see the materials of photography as being a type of terrain, and I construct a landscape that I need to first explore in my mind’s eye if I am to make it manifest as an artful image in silver,” he says. Caponigro deftly alludes to his influences and precedents, as in Still life with pears (1999), resembling a 16th-century Dutch still life, or Lud’s Church (1977), recalling Romantic painters such as Caspar David Friedrich. His work is at times highly formal, exploring the textures and shapes of various isolated elements like flowers and rocks. In other works, such as Brewster, New York (1963), he experiments with unusual photo processing, rendering a painterly vision of wild flora.

American, b. 1932, Boston, Massachusetts, based in Cushing, Maine, United States

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