Paul Chiang, ‘Pisilian 11-89’, 2011, Asia University Museum of Modern Art

Paul Chiang was born in 1942, in Wufeng, Taichung. His earlier years were spent in Paris then New York. During his earlier years, his paintings often reflect gloominess. Evident as a reaction from the artist as he was suffering from depression, life was difficult. Artworks created during this era was known as the series created in darkness. In recent years, Paul Chiang has found love for the sunshine Taitung has to offer. The beauty of nature and the endless colours it has to offer has enabled Chiang to have distinct artistic characteristics. One from his dark past where days meant struggle. The other one of which he creates without worries from life. He allows his creative imagination to surpass the struggles, enjoying a liberating field in his artwork. He continues to extend his works from scenery to the three-dimensional abstract landscape with varying mediums to become more diverse and more colorful. The works on display, from the earliest were heavily influenced by Paul Klee, from his struggles in Paris and New York, his artistic journey begins to bear light when returning to Taiwan. His classic, Century Temples series and his Silver Lake series have sparked the facination for colour. Paul Chiang has ultimately progressed into his recent creation of colorful flowers in Taitung. The unrestrained wings of song series, his music series, and the West Coast of the dream series show a lighter and brighter side of Chiang’s artistic talents.

Series: Pisilian

Image rights: Paul Chiang

"Breaking Free"
Asia University's Museum of Modern Art

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