Paul D'Amato, ‘First Lady, Garfield Baptist Church ’, 2009, DePaul Art Museum

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About Paul D'Amato

Raised in Boston during the height of racial unrest and the civil rights movement, photographer Paul D'Amato is sensitive to the emotion and drama of daily human interaction. While attending Reed College in Oregon, D'Amato traveled across the country four times a year, and he claims his experiences hitchhiking and train-hopping were equally as influential as his studies in class. After completing his MFA at Yale, D'Amato moved to Chicago and in 1988 began a venture to photograph the Mexican neighborhoods on the south side of the city. Over time, D'Amato became acquainted with the community, as illustrated in his move from traditional street photography to a more intimate portrayal of personal dramas. Eventually moving on to photograph public housing projects, men's social clubs, and rave scenes, D'Amato's work is consistent in its display of human feeling.

American, b. 1956