Paul Dibble, ‘Woodpigeon with Open Window and Cypress Tree, 2/2’, Page Blackie Gallery

About Paul Dibble

In large-scale, figurative sculptures cast in bronze, Paul Dibble creates forms sourced from the contemporary and historical objects of his home in New Zealand and the surrounding Pacific. Along with the human figure, these objects, such as mermaids, animals, birds, and feathers, are sculpted in a variety of styles and scale, which span Surrealism to folk art and vary from 350 millimeter small-scale pieces to monumental outdoor sculptures of over 18 feet in height. After sketching his designs as line drawings rendered to perfection, Dibble makes wax models and plywood mockups before casting his sculptures at his own casting foundry. Dibble primarily uses lost-wax and sand casting techniques for his metal work, and finishes his forms in a variety of colored patinas.

New Zealander, b. 1943, Waitakaruru, New Zealand, based in Palmerston North, New Zealand

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