Paul Feiler, ‘Pierced Vertical’, 1963-1964, Osborne Samuel

Signature: Signed, titled & dated verso

After the successes of the 1950s, a decade when Feiler enjoyed four highly acclaimed solo exhibitions with his London dealers The Redfern Gallery, the German-born artist sacrificed a safe commercial formula for a new and challenging style of painting fit for the 1960s.
Though ensconced in a long teaching career in Bristol - in 1963 Feiler became Head of Painting at the newly formed Bristol Polytechnic - this talented painter continued to use Cornish landscape themes.
Teaching obviously offered a financial alternative to the need to sell paintings. The temporary dip in his commercial fortunes at the turn of the 1960s, epitomised by the start of a 25 year hiatus in his relationship with the Redfern, can retrospectively be seen as symptomatic of a challenging artist on the creative move and one step ahead of his audience.
There always a logical sequence at play in the artist’s stylistic development. The large oval motifs of many early 1960s pictures like ‘Pierced Vertical’ gradually become streamlined and formalised towards what, by the second half of the decade, is the hard-edged geometry of the Orbis canvases.

About Paul Feiler

Anglo-German, 1918-2013, Frankfurt, Germany, based in St. Ives, UK