Paul Gorka, ‘Uncertainty’, 2013, DETOUR Gallery
Paul Gorka aims to express his consciousness by letting go of his rational thought freely on a canvas.  In his painting “Uncertainty” men are falling from the sky straight through a jumble of wood planks and branches, one man who was fortunate enough to keep his pants, hangs onto one plank in the top right-hand corner. Some sunlight peaks through the azure sky giving the collection of driftwood a sunny glow. In the lower center of the picture plane is a long branch covered in white paper. Dangling from a collection of branches in the center of the painting, piercing blue eyes attached to half a face, stare into the unknown. This half face seems to be on a path that leads to the “Exit” and “entrance” sign to this parallel reality. It seems as though anyone who does enter gets sucked into a maelstrom of Gorka's unconscious mind. 

About Paul Gorka

American, b. 1931, Nanticoke, PA, United States