Paul Graham, ‘Untitled 1999 (New York) #44, from the series American Night’, 2002, Anthony Reynolds Gallery

Copyright the artist, courtesy Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London

About Paul Graham

For much of his oeuvre, Paul Graham has aimed his documentary-style photography at the conditions of the working class in Britain and elsewhere, producing photographs that were critical of politics implemented by former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Inspired by William Eggleston’s itinerant eye, Graham’s collections have taken him to Japan, the U.S., and around Europe, where he has photographed the mundane details that constitute the quotidian in different cultures. For his series, “New Europe” (1988-93), Graham found subjects in people and objects that evince the tension between the inescapable shadow of history and the triviality of modern day consumption-led culture.

British, b. 1956, Stafford, United Kingdom