Paul Guiramand, ‘Fleur (Flower)’, ca. 1975, R. S. Johnson Fine Art

Paul Guiramand, painter, sculptor and lithographer, was born in 1926 in Saint-Quentin in northern France. In 1943, Guiramand entered the École des Beaux-Arts. In 1951, Guiramand, with a painting entitled "l’Olympia, (Homage à Manet)" won the prestigious Prix de Rome (jury including Jacques Villon and André Chastel). There followed a period of studies in Rome (1953-1957) after which his career was enhanced with personal exhibitions in London, Geneva, Paris, Chicago and Tokyo.
Guiramand’s works all have one element in common: the artist’s extraordinary sensitivity and ability to achieve, the most daring and subtle color harmonies. It is this aspect of his work that Guiramand’s accomplishments may best be judged. In painting and lithography Guiramand used color with an unprecedented freedom, intensity and sensitivity.

Signature: Lower right

About Paul Guiramand

French, 1926-2008, San Quentin, France