Paul Jacobsen, ‘Black Flag’, 2011, The Still House Group

About Paul Jacobsen

Drawing on his youth in the rural American West, Paul Jacobsen considers the intersection of nature and technology in a multimedia body of work that references intimate personal experiences, countercultural rituals, and the aesthetics of Americana. In lush, somewhat satirical still lives and landscapes that employ traditional painting styles and photographic techniques, Jacobsen offers a bucolic, sublime escape from contemporary consumerism, industry, and innovation. To enhance the transporting quality of his work, Jacobsen situates his two-dimensional works in environments that incorporate sculpture and installation. In one exhibition, he built a small cabin adorned with animal pelts, ceremonial objects, and American flags, hinting at New Age rituals and back-to-the-land retreats.

American, b. 1976

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Homebody, The Still House Group, Brooklyn