Paul Loebach, ‘Wall of Light’, 2012, Carwan Gallery
Paul Loebach, ‘Wall of Light’, 2012, Carwan Gallery

Paul Loebach's project is based on the idea of a vertical chandelier, inspired by a voyage to the Middle East where he found the traditional oil lamp manifested in countless unique shapes and extraordinary configurations. The project is a collaboration with a local Beirut metal atelier that was able to use antique casting molds to recreate the old, metal lamp forms. These were assembled together with structural tubes and light fixtures to create a floating, illuminated installation.

Carwan Gallery commission
Produced in Lebanon

About Paul Loebach

Brooklyn-based furniture designer Paul Loebach comes from a long line of German woodworkers and industrial designers, and at first many of his designs appear like clean, simple expressions in wood. In reality, the designer experiments with cutting-edge materials and methods, creating pieces like the Watson table, named after one of the scientists who discovered the structure of DNA, for its molded helix-shaped wood and carbon composite legs, and the Tocotta and Fuga chairs, which combine handcraft with computer technology. Inspired by “the notion of ‘the unknown craftsman’ and the evolution of objects over time,” as well as designers like Gio Ponti and George Nakashima, Loebach creates products like his punchy, primary-colored chairs and step stools that seem both timeless and of the moment.

American, Cincinnati, Ohio, based in New York, New York