Paul Ramírez Jonas, ‘A Full Dinner Pail’, 1993, Track 16 Gallery

"Fever", Exit Art, New York, NY. 1993 (Group)
"Fever", Wexner Art Center, Columbus, OH. 1994 (Group)
"Detour", International House, New York, NY. 1992. Curated by Sandra Antelo, with accompanying catalogue (Group)

About Paul Ramírez Jonas

In his mixed-media works and public projects, Paul Ramírez Jonas creates community, or, at least, the potential for it. Since the 1990s, he has been pursuing a definition of art as the relationship between artist, viewer, and artwork. Many of his works actively invite viewer participation—such as by making a wish or leaving a note. For Ramírez Jonas, the potential to participate is crucial, as he describes: “I want the choice to be important, to be felt.” His New York-based Key to the City project (2010) exemplifies the community spirit of his work, aptly and humorously reflected in its list of components: “people, 24,000 keys, 24 sites, 155 collaborators, and mayor.” Whimsical and sincere, this work invited people to pick up a key and open locks throughout the city, engaging the public in a collective exchange and exploration.

American, b. 1965, California, based in New York, New York

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