Paul Robinson, ‘At Night’, 2009, Flat Space Art

Who wouldn't know the formidable Natalie Massenet, Founder of Net A Porter? A woman who has changed the lives of women all over the world. She loves Paul's works. She has one piece of art work in her office and it is a Paul robinson. Amongst other notables, Vivica Fox, Graham Norton, and the then Sydney Pollack are also fans of Paul's art work. Finding inspiration in his travels around the world, Paul's photography is often described as aggressive, sexual and morally transgressive. Paul's body of work includes several highly acclaimed collections. The TRANSPARENT collection, coming out of the camera and hand layering individual transparencies on top of each other - reshooting them each time a layer was added. The REDACTED collection introduces a new technique - a form of editing in which multiple images, text and other media Paul created were combined and altered to make them into a single work.

An attractive nude woman. Full frontal image, Topless Woman. Her head tipped ever so slightly to one side, her luscious wavy brown hair cupping her pretty face. She's Proud of her physique, she doesn't feel embarrassed, we know it as she stands confidently shrouded, blanketed and enveloped in Red, Black and Orange hues.

About Paul Robinson

United Kingdom, b. 1982, Grimsby, UK, based in London, UK

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