Paul Robinson, ‘The Crossing’, 2010, Flat Space Art

Finding inspiration in his travels around the world, Paul Robinson's photography is often described as aggressive, sexual and morally transgressive.Part of the 'REDACTED collection', Robinson introduces a new technique - a form of editing in which multiple images, text and other media have been combined and altered to make them into a single work.Part of the 'TRANSPARENT collection', Robinson exhibits a series of collages where photographic images of several cities from around the world are printed on transparencies and then layered byhand on top of one another to create a collage where each additional layer then becomes visible to create far greater depth within the image. Inspired by favourite cities and models, the work is driven heavily by portraiture in comparison to his other series. 99% of the models are very close friends that are essential in conveying the message or story. The yearning to be in many places at once is always present, and this idea is explored through layering many of Robinson's favourite places on one image.

The Crossing highlights all of Robinson's expertise, layer upon layer of transparencies. Set in Africa, one is transported to a typical African scene. One can easily feel the heat, the smell of animals, the intense colours such as the deep umbers, red, oranges and cool blue and grey evening tones.

About Paul Robinson

United Kingdom, b. 1982, Grimsby, UK, based in London, UK

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